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Investors to meet at IDMA on May 4-7

The first and only international technology exhibition to gather flour, feed, rice, pulse, pasta and biscuit industries, IDMA will draw together the investors for the seventh time in Istanbul on May 04-07, 2017. The exhibition, where more than 200 brands will display their latest technologies, will be attended by 30 associations in groups, and 15 associations with their booths. At IDMA 2017, where Ethiopia will have a national booth with its commercial committee, the representatives of Nigerian milling industry will hold bilateral negotiations.

Seventh edition of IDMA, The International Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Feed Milling Machinery and Pulse, Pasta and Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, will be held at Istanbul Exhibition Center (CNR Expo) on May 04-07, 2017 with thousands of professional visitors from 144 countries around the world.
The exhibition will be held at 3 halls, totaling an area of 33,000 square meters, at CNR Expo, and more than 200 companies will be participating. Technology manufacturers and suppliers, who are in a busy preparation process for the exhibition, will present their latest innovations to the taste of the industry at IDMA 2017.

Getting ready to introduce the new vision of customized areas to pulse and grain industry at IDMA 2017, Parantez Fair is ambitious about the number of expected visitors. Parantez Exhibitions is undertaking promotional activities in 144 countries in 5 languages, and has intensified its operations via its agencies in Italy, UK, India, Argentina and China.
With its close communications with the leading associations, unions and other non-governmental organizations through its promotional activities around the world, the company has full support from 30 leading associations of the industry in 22 countries. As a result of the negotiations, 30 associations and unions will participate at IDMA 2017 as a group, and 15 associations will also have their own booths at the exhibition.

The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, Ethiopian Association of Millers and Ethiopian Union of Exporters will meet the participants and visitors at their national pavilion at IDMA 2017. Before the exhibition, a meeting will be held with the members of Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce, Ethiopian Association of Millers and Ethiopian Union of Exporters.
The participants of the meeting will be briefed about the IDMA 2017 Exhibition and the Certified Milling Training to be held during the exhibition, and their participation in the exhibition will be organized. The Ethiopian Association of Millers will be participating as visitors with their members, while Ethiopian Union of Exporters will be handling the procedures of the Ethiopian participants who will be featured in the pavilion. Primarily consisting of exporters, the participants will hold negotiations on the trade of pulses and grain products during the exhibition.

The African Trade Center will hold bilateral negotiations during its event titled “Discovering Business and Investment Opportunities in the Nigerian Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn and Feed Milling and Pasta and Biscuits Industry” at the IDMA 2017 exhibition on May 06, 2017.
The participants of bilateral negotiations, which will feature leading members of the African Trade Center, including food processing companies, importers and distributors, will discuss purchasing, cooperation and trade opportunities with the participants of IDMA 2017.

IDMA 2017, MAY 04-07 
IDMA 2017, which is waited impatiently in the flour, feed, rice, pulse, pasta and biscuit industry, will once again introduce all technological alternatives to the visitors. The visitors will have the opportunity to see all machinery, products and services for their companies under the roof of IDMA 2017, where approximately 200 companies will have booths.
The visitors, who will have the chance to closely see and examine the latest technologies in their areas of expertise, will also able to meet the leading companies of the global  flour, feed, rice, pulse, pasta and biscuit industry, and to compare the companies with similar technologies and all of the other alternatives to make a profitable investment.

IDMA 2017 Exhibition will also host the “Certified Milling Training” to be held by the Miller Magazine at the “Technical Days”. The training will be held simultaneously with the exhibition on May 05-07, 2017, and will consist of theoretical trainings at the halls inside the exhibition area as well as demos at the booths of participating companies.
The training will cover 3 areas, which are grain (flour) milling, feed milling and pulse processing, and on the first day of the training, common issues of these 3 areas will be discussed. On the second and third days of the training, specific trainings for these areas will be offered at 3 different halls. Theoretical trainings which will be given by expert academics and representatives of the industry, will be supported by demos of technology suppliers at the IDMA exhibition area.