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Famsun completed aquafeed project in China

Famsun built RMB 18.85 million worth aquafeed model project for Chinese company Chongqing Citico Bio-technology Co.

One of the leading global machinery manufacturers in agri-business, Famsun completed the installation of a new aquafeed model project for Chongqing Citico Bio-Technology which is a branch of Sichuan Citico Feed Co. The company is known to be a specialist in nutrition research of aquaculture, aquatic feed production and aquatic farming.
According to the statement of Famsun, the aquafeed model project of Chongqing Citico Bio-technology, which is situated at Wuzun Success Industrial Park in Chongqing, China, is of RMB 18.85 million worth and has a yearly output of 300,000 tons of high quality feed for aquatic animals. The project consists of one pellet production line for livestock, one Pellet Mill 600 line for fish, one concentrate feed line for livestock, one powder lot line for silver carp, two aquatic extrusion production lines equipped with aquatic 120*2 extruders by FAMSUN, Citico extruders one feed supplement addition line.

Source: Feed Planet Magazine