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Another Great Project from Milleral: TEKBAŞ FLOUR FACILITY

Imaş Machinery, the subsidiary of Ittifak Holding, added Tekbaş flour factory to its worldwide successful turn-key projects list. In 1997, Tekbaş Un entered into flour sector with the help of high technology IMAŞ Machinery; and they preferred Milleral brand for the new facility.

Imaş Machinery, one of the subsidiaries of Ittifak Holding, carries out a turn-key Project for Tekbaş Un facilities with Milleral brand. Konya-based Tekbaş Un, one of the leading companies in flour industry, owns a storage facility of 35000 tonss wheat and has a daily wheat processing capacity of 300 ton.
İmaş Machinery General Manager Mustafa Özdemir made a statement about the issue: “In the framework of this project with Tekbaş Un, a new line which is comprised of 21 Milleral MML Multimilla Rolls with a capacity of 450 ton/per day will be put into use by the end of 2016. Later, with the second 450 ton/per day capacity wheat line and 200 ton/per day capacity whole wheat and yellow flour lines, we will reach out to a total of 1400 ton/per day capacity, and 1100 of this total number will be a result of new investment. In this brand-new turn-key facility, mixed flours containing rye, oat and whole wheat can also be manufactured.”
Özdemir considered Tekbaş Un as “one of the unique companies which work at full capacity and higher efficiency and also one of the specialist companies in its sector thanks to high technology laboratory and professional team.” He concludes his statement with these remarks: “We are really proud of being a part of providing high quality flour to our people thanks to Tekbaş un-Milleral solution partnership and moreover we are so happy due to the fact that Milleral product quality and services were chosen in this project.”